15 Cyber Security Events You Need to Attend


Attending cyber security events is essential in order to stay ahead of cyber attackers, and keep your security architecture up to date.
Cyber security events are important as they can help you to stay educated on attacks that are becoming more sophisticated and engineered, and constantly on the rise.

Therefore these events often offer similar benefits such as networking opportunities, panels, keynote speakers, and software solutions, all of which can provide you with expert information and advice.

Cyber security events bring together users, experts, and suppliers, to help form a united front against all cyber threats.

Therefore, this blog post will outline 15 of the best cyber security events from across the globe, providing insight into what they include, and how they can help to improve your company’s overall cyber security.

So, let’s get started with our first event.

Cyber Security and Cloud Expo

The Cyber Security and Cloud Expo was created with advancements in technology in mind, and the conference is accessible to millions in-person and virtually.

Although this company holds specific events in Europe and North America, we will focus more on the global two day event that takes place in London.

The event aims to bring together over 5,000 people within key industries, touching on topics that are linked to the technical side of cyber security, such as:

  • Cybersecurity & cloud
  • IoT & 5G
  • Blockchain
  • AI & Big Data
  • Edge computing & Digital transformation week

The platform is one of the best opportunities for IT professionals., business owners, and experts to meet and discuss the future of technology and what this means for the security of company data.

There are several presentations and panels to attend, and this expo even holds an after event networking party, providing an opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and find potential new business partnerships.

National Cyber Security Show

Based in Birmingham the National Cyber Security Show can help you to gain a better understanding of threats and vulnerabilities, in order to better protect both your company and personal data.

This event will next occur over 3 days in April 2023, and provides an opportunity to gain all of your cyber security information in one place.

This can be done by hearing from some of the best minds in the industry, via workshops and conferences, or by communicating with suppliers in-person so they can help you choose the right products and solutions for you.

All of this can be done under one roof, and therefore there are equally many opportunities to network with suppliers and experts, meaning the cyber security approach is a united one.

Cyber Security and Data Protection Summit

This event acts as a meeting place for public sector IT security leaders to come together and form a united front against cyber threats and attacks.

Based in London and with over 400+ leaders attending, the focus of the Cyber security and Data Protection Summit is to fight back against both domestic, and international threats.

There are a range of speakers who partake in panels throughout the day, meaning you can ask questions relevant to you and your business on topics such as: cyber security, data protection, and technology.

Equally, in the agenda the event outlines some specifics topics that will be discussed in panels and seminars, including but not limited to

  • Training and skills development
  • Crime
  • Cyber culture
  • Leadership
  • Emerging technologies

As with other events within this list, there are opportunities to network with both speakers and other leaders in the industry, as the summit allows for collaboration and sharing of ideas.

Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit

“All things cyber security under one roof” is the slogan for the Gartner Security and Risk management Summit.

The purpose of this event is to build a network around security and be part of a community full of security and risk leaders.

Much like other events in this list there are live presentations from visionary leaders, providing insights into cyber security trends, as well as interactive sessions including networking.

This allows you to arm your business with the best advice from experts and suppliers, particularly in round table and Q&A sessions.

A unique offering to this summit is the opportunity to engage in a one-to-one with Gartner experts, in order to talk through business strategies, and receive specific guidance on your security goals.

Gartner has a commitment to inclusivity and diversity, and next year will host the summit in National Harbour, Maryland.

Secure World Conferences

The Secure World Conferences are slightly more frequent and are held a few times a month across a variety of US states.

These events have been occurring for over 20 years and hold panel discussions, breakout sessions, and networking sessions, as well as hosting keynote speakers and vendors in the industry.

The aim of these conferences is to connect, inform, and develop leaders in cybersecurity, whether that is via in-person or online communication.

If you attend one of the Secure World conferences, you will have access to keynote speeches, panel discussions, breakout sessions, and the opportunity to meet vendors.

This means you are able to ask questions relevant to your cyber security queries, and receive specific solutions to keep your company data safe, in an environment full of professionals.

RSA Conference

The next RSA Conference will take place next year in San Francisco, with the theme “Stronger together.”

Historically these events have centred around building knowledge between attendees and professionals to ensure everyone is equipped to protect their company data.

This is done by examining failures, sharing successes and forming more effective ideas and plans to improve cybersecurity for everyone.

Therefore, this event is great for networking and communicating with other IT professionals and business owners who may share the same concerns as you when it comes to cyber security.

This year’s 2022 event equally included speakers and panel discussions on topics such as new cyber attack methods, information disorder, and threat hunting.

TLR Cyber War Game Events

At TLR we design, build, and run cyber war games to help re-educate and engage users with cyber security via relatable real world experiences.

It can be easy to become outdated in your approach to cyber security, therefore these immersive and engaging games can help to ensure businesses security infrastructure is up to date.

Each game can host two teams of 5 per session, each game lasting from a few hours to a few days, to give attendees a full experience.

Cyber war games are suitable for just about anyone wanting to improve their cyber security knowledge, and train up their team.

The games are adaptable so can provide challenges dependent on how you wish to test your team’s skill set for example, setting the game to purely attack, defence, or attack versus defence.

Equally, all games provided are based on real life attacks providing an immersive interactive experience to really test skills, and improve knowledge.

Cyber Security Festival

Hosted by Computing, is the Cyber Security Festival that can be attended in-person in London, as well as online.

The event is split into 2 days, day 1 for IT professionals which is London based, and day 2 for all tech professionals which is via an online session.

The festival’s motto: Detect, Defend, Deter, highlights the aim to keep everyone in the industry up to date with the latest cyber security trends.

Over the 2 days, the festival hosts 20 presentations, 30 speakers and over 800 attendees, providing additional panels and networking sessions.

All aspects of the event are based upon how to keep your company data safe with topics such as:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Automation
  • Supply-chain security
  • Zero-trust
  • Recruitment
  • Retention psychological safety

Cyber Security Summit

This event is based in Sydney Australia, and is an exclusive in-person event for Australian cyber security leaders.

The summit provides an opportunity for attendees to hear from leading security leaders on how to build a resilient and robust organisation with a suitable action plan, and security strategy.

Similar to other events in this list, there are round tables, panels, keynote speakers and solution showcases that can help to equip you and your team with the best tools to risk-proof your company.

The previous Cyber Security Summit had over 200 sponsors and over 135 speakers, meaning attendees had access to great content from experts, and a variety of networking opportunities.

AISA – CyberConference

The Australian Information Security Association (ASIA) is back and hosting a 3 day conference in Melbourne Australia that welcomes a diverse audience.

In the past this event has hosted attendees ranging from lawyers, to technical security specialists, and ASIA claims this helps to provide a variety of perspectives on important topics.

Cyber security applies to everyone from business owners, to individuals therefore this event isn’t limited to leaders and experts, and caters to a wide range of workplaces.

Attendees can network with a vast range of people including experts and like-minded business owners, to help each other understand and manage the current cyber threats.

Alongside this, best practices and insights are given via keynote speaker presentations, panels and live demonstrations, that help to consolidate information that attendees can take away with them.

Cloudflare Connect

Cloudflare Connect have upcoming events in locations such as Sydney and San Francisco, and have previously held events in New York and London.

Each event this year has focused or will focus upon network and security transformation, and all events are available to watch on-demand.

For each event the opening keynote speech is streamed live, and other keynotes can be watched after the fact.

There are a variety of topics covered at Cloudflare Connect including:

  • Zero Trust
  • Cloud Adoption
  • Defense in-depth approach
  • Magic of Cloudflare

ALl subjects are covered via platforms such as guest speakers, demos, hands-on labs, and real-world use causes.

UKsec Cyber Security Summit

As we reach a critical point in the cybersecurity industry the UKsec Cyber Security Summit provides a platform for UK based professionals to collaborate and exchange knowledge and ideas.

Based in London and 100% in-person, this event provides business owners and cyber security users to meet with innovators and experts to share and discuss best practices, uncover new threats, and work on prevention strategies.

There are several benefits to this event much like others in this list as it can provide a place to network, collect content, attend presentations and panels, and witness case studies.

For this summit the topics are as follows:

  • Enhancing protection of critical industries
  • Utilisation of technology to maximise security
  • Reacting to attacks
  • The link between security and business

Infosecurity Europe

Infosecurity Europe acts as a hub for everyone and everything needed to protect your company from security threats.

Spanning across 3 days in London, this event focuses on building relationships in the cyber security community, by providing a platform for discussion, allowing business owners to share experiences and ideas.

This is paired with knowledge and expertise from suppliers, and some of the finest minds in the industry, meaning you can leave with the right solutions for your company.

This event highlights the importance of equipping yourself with the right knowledge and tools, and provides a place to do that in order for you to stay on top of industry trends and make informed decisions to support your organisation.

Global Cyber Conference

Last on our list of 15 is the Global Cyber Conference based in Zurich, Switzerland, who are based around the motto: Connect, Learn, Secure.

Similar to other events in this list, the event spans over two days, and hosts over 500 attendees and over 50 expert speakers in a variety of unique sessions.

The focus of the conference is to help businesses to learn from industry trends, and outline the best practices and strategies to protect companies from cyber crime globally.

This is demonstrated through in-depth panel discussions, presentations on the current and future state of cyber security and data protection, and networking among attendees and experts.

Overall, this event can help to facilitate working relationships between experts and users, providing a platform for discussion and collaborative ideas and strategies to improve cyber security within businesses.

15 Cyber Security Events You Need to Attend

That is the end of our list of the top 15 cyber security events you need to attend if you are aiming to keep your company and personal data secure.

Not only can these events help raise awareness surrounding the rise in cyber attacks, but they can allow business owners, users, suppliers, and experts to come together to discuss how to improve security.

With a variety of opportunities to network, improve knowledge, chat with suppliers, and test your cyber security skills and training, each event has something that will help towards mitigating cyber threats.

At TLR we host Cyber War Games that can help to improve the cyber readiness of your and your team, working on skills such as collaboration and decision-making.

If you need some extra guidance when it comes to protecting your company data from cyber threat actors, we have a range of services and solutions that can move your company towards being more cyber resilient.

So get in touch with one of our team today.

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