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Digital risk protection from threats across all environments tailored to your organisation.

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What is it?

What is it?

A risk-driven approach that aligns to your organisation. Giving you more relevant intelligence.

The intelligence sector generally gives search tools, feeds, reports, and briefings. While interesting, do not give any actionable intelligence that aligns and helps better secure your organisation.

Digital Risk Protection Services continuously monitors for threats, indicators of risk, and provides remediation recommendations that are much more relevant and actionable. With better risk mitigation recommendations tailored to your organisation.

Giving your security teams the ability to prioritise critical risks to your organisation.

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How does it work?


Align to your business

Align intelligence most relevant to your organisation or business. Giving you a better intelligence program.


Continuously monitor

Digital Risk Protection continuously monitors for threats, and indicates risk within your organisation.


Prioritise intelligence

We then use data relevant to your business or organisation to prioritise risks. Giving you the ability to focus on what is most critical.

The problem

The intelligence space is filled with great search tools, feeds, reports, and briefings. While interesting, none of these are relatable to your business or immediately actionable.

Intelligence gathered will not be as relevant to you and your organisation. Meaning you will have a weaker and more generic risk mitigation system.

Intelligence risk areas may not be as relevant to you. Meaning critical risks could be missed.

The solution

We understand you and your organisation to better prioritise your Intelligence requirements.

Digital Risk Protection is a natural evolution of Threat Intelligence, but our solution is much more tailored to your business needs.

Continuously monitoring for threats and risks in your organisation - giving better risk remediation recommendations that suit you.


Relevant intelligence

An Intelligence program aligned to you and your organisation. Giving you risk protection tailored to your business needs.

Embedded in cyber reconnaissance

Digital Risk Protection is embedded in cyber reconnaissance and threat intelligence.

Continuously Monitor threats

Focus on only the most critical risks. Giving you the ability to mitigate and delegate threats.

Stronger risk mitigation

Monitor threats across all environments where exposure can occur.


All Source Intelligence

As a complete service, we include all sources. Deep Web, Paste Sites, Code Repositories, Blacklists, Breached Datasets, Malware Sandboxes, Social Media, Chat Channels, Domain Feeds, and beyond.

Automated and Manual collection

Most data can be collected using automation, however, high value sources require seasoned operatives to ensure security.

Fully Curated

Finished intelligence that is directly related to your organisation. Minimal noise, Minimal false positives.


A service without takedowns doesn’t solve your problems, so we work on your behalf to mitigate harmful sites or data.

Data Acquisition

If your data is exposed on the Dark Web we can acquire this on your behalf.

Operational Security

Operational Security is built into our systems and processes putting degrees of separation between you and the bad guys.

Board Ready Reports

Our customers are always saying “Of all my vendors and tools, your intelligence is what I bring to my board meeting most often.”

Cutting-edge Insights

Threat actors are constantly pivoting, DRPS keeps in stride with them. This means you’re always up to speed.

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