Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Scanning

​​Help Identify potential vulnerabilities within your network, applications & infrastructure through penetration testing.

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What is it?

What is it?

Penetration tests are simulated attacks against your network, applications, or infrastructure designed to identify weaknesses or vulnerabilities before attackers can exploit them.

Our well developed scanning and testing techniques are designed to thoroughly detect, analyse, and exploit potential weak or vulnerable security spots within your system.

This helps your security teams quickly identify any potential security holes. Allowing strategic plans to be put in place to quickly prioritise, address and rectify issues, before they become a security threat.

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How does it work?


Scan & Analyse

Repeatedly scan and analyse your network and infrastructure. Using either penetration testing or vulnerability scanning techniques.



Exposure points are then exploited to validate potential security holes and threats to your system to determine how significant or severe the vulnerability could be.



Detailed scan reports are then generated. Security teams are briefed on any vulnerabilities within your system, so strategic plans can be put in place to rectify the issue.

The problem

Your infrastructure is constantly evolving, how do you know your high standard is being maintained? New systems getting deployed without proper approval, rogue access points being brought online, anything can happen.

Many IT managers and security teams have millions of other tasks to do. Meaning tests and scans don’t get done as often as they should. Meaning organisations can go months with unnoticed security vulnerabilities. Leaving you open to attack.

Company compliance requires organisations to periodically test new applications or services on release. So applications or services don’t get launched with potential exploitable weak spots, but your team is already swamped.

The solution

We have a range of packages that help your security teams analyse your network and infrastructure. Helping to identify potential weak security spots.

We do this by scanning your system for vulnerable weak spots or deliberately penetrate your network and infrastructure using techniques of a real malicious attacker.

Reports are then generated to brief your security teams on potential exposure points within your organisation. Helping you stay one step ahead of malicious threats.


Network Pen-testing

Simulated testing will emulate the steps a real attacker with malicious intent, will perform to attempt to gain unauthorised access to your network.

Giving a comprehensive report on potential security weak spots within your organisation.

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Physical Pen-testing

Similar to network pentesting, however we are gaining unauthorised access to an office, building, or other secure location. Employing a variety of social engineering techniques to breach your security system.

Giving a comprehensive report on security weak spots within your building management or access policies.

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Application Pen-testing

Targets a single application or system, looking to discover vulnerabilities in the components or communications. This includes testing web applications through to distributed network applications. Application pentest reports detail the potential exposure created by installing a particular package or system in your organisation’s workflow.

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