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TLR manage any of the technology services we offer either remotely or onsite

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What is It?

What is It?

Here at TLR we have a range of technology solutions to help better protect your organisation against cyber security issues. For self-starters our tools can be managed either by you, but many prefer to entrust our highly qualified team.

In cases where organisations don’t have the capacity to effectively manage our Cavalry or Self Healing Network solutions, we offer an additional premium add on, where our teams can remotely or on site manage everything for you.

Security shouldn’t be hard to manage, and it can quickly get out of hand after a couple of tools or adding even just a few to your headcount. We can make it easier.

Once set up we can handle everything.

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The problem

Cyber security can be extremely confusing and even harder to manage effectively.

We understand security budgets are limited. You want to maximise your investments and adding even just a few tools or one staff member can consume your budget, so you have to do it in a smart way.

Even if you have the best technology solutions, if you mismanage them, critical threats can still be missed.

The solution

TLR can remotely or on site manage any of our technology solutions for you.

We take the stress out of managing your own systems, and remove the need to hire new staff
to manage our Cavalry & SHN solutions. Helping you save on your security budgets. Freeing your IT teams up to look at other strategic areas within your security network and infrastructure.

We reduce the risk of threats that get missed due to mismanaged systems and technology.


Effectively managed security

Our highly skilled team can remotely or on site manage any of our technology solutions.

Enterprise-level security

Get Enterprise level security for small scale organisations. Managed by a team of experts.

Save time & money

A cost effective way to manage your security. Without the need to recruit a full security team.

Effectively deal with threats

Effective management helps you respond and deal with threats effectively and quickly.


Managed Cavalry Scans

Want all the benefits of continuous vulnerability scans, with none of the overhead? We can completely manage your Cavalry implementation in a variety of hosting providers.

Managed Self Healing Network

Need to reduce your time spent interacting with the SHN? Do you just want to turn your security stack into a simple approval process? TLR can completely manage SHN on your behalf.

Hosting Options

TLR can go beyond managed services, and even host a number of management or scanning servers for you.

Become cyber resilient

Get in touch today to see how we can make you more cyber resilient. Empowering you to lead from the font.

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