Incident Response

Rapidly respond to cyber attacks through well programmed incident response. Quickly resuming business as usual.

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What is it?

What is it?

Incident response is a process organisations use to deal with cyber security incidents, after they have identified a security breach.

A response is triggered normally after a ‘hunt exercise’ where a security attack or breach has been found. This can include a range of issues from malware infected networks, applications, or computers beaconing out to malicious resources or exfiltrated data. In simple terms your network has been hacked.

Our developed incident response programs help rapidly identify and contain threats. Restoring critical operations as quickly as possible.

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How does it work?



Preparation comes down to visibility and processes. An organisation needs to have visibility into their systems and logs to properly diagnose an incident as well as have established processes if an incident is triggered.



Determine and identify what the security breach is and where it is within your organisation.


Contain & Eradicate

Determine and identify what the security breach is and where it is within your organisation.


Restore services

Our team then looks to restore critical working operations as quickly as possible. So you can return to business as usual.



Once the incident has been closed an organisation should have a retrospective to identify skills and gaps, then work to improve.

The problem

Incident response can have great ramifications on the operation of a business or organisation if not responded to in a clear and structured manner.

It can be a hugely stressful time for business, organisations, and security teams if threats are not contained with speed, but also in a methodical manner. Emotion and bias must be removed from the operation in order to respond effectively to potential threats.

If security breaches are not tackled quickly then operations can become off track and fail.

The solution

TLR has developed a very effective incident response program with software-enabled analysts that quickly identify threats within an organisation. Helping you to mitigate threats and restore critical services sooner.

When enhanced by the TLR Self Healing Network technology, our IR program automatically and quickly responds to alerted threats, without bias or emotion. Containing threats before they become major incidents.

Correct identification and containment of the threat is paramount in helping to restore critical services and operations and learn from incidents.


Rapidly contain threats

Determine and identify what the security breach is and where it is within your organisation.

Rapidly recover from incidents

Quickly respond and eradicate threats without bios or emotion to rapidly recover from security incidents.

Restore working operations quickly

Quickly restore normal working order to your organisation and resume business as normal.

Learn & adapt to new threats

Incident response then learns from security breaches and helps put measures in place to stop a repeat.

Become cyber resilient

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