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We build and run comprehensive and themed Cyber Games for clients.

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What is it?

What is it?

We design, build, and run comprehensive themed Kinetic Cyber Experiences to broaden people's technical knowledge through fun and relatable real world exercises.

These games are amazing teaching tools to re-educate and engage people in cyber security through real world simulated attacks on critical infrastructure and networks. Simulating highly pressured and rare world attacks, which aim to re-establish key cyber security fundamentals through out of the box thinking.

We use our extensive security knowledge from industry and government sectors to make these games as fun, real and immersive as possible.

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The problem

Many businesses and organisations have highly trained IT security teams, however the security sector is constantly advancing and chaining. Making it very easy to become outdated in a potential attacker’s methods and techniques.

This Leaves your organisation ill prepared and exposed to potential security breaches and threats as teams are not up to date or ready to handle a cyber attack.

The solution

We create Kinetic Cyber Experiences, for technical practitioners and strategic stakeholders to experience what would otherwise be rare events first hand.

These events give people a rare insight into real-world outcomes through simulated effects. Helping to strengthen people's knowledge and understanding of current cyber security techniques.

Simulating the stress of a real life attack, through smart Lego Cities with Kinetic Cyber Effects.


Better conditioning

Simulate the stress of live fire events. So you are better prepared to deal with any cyber security threats or breaches.

Problem solving

Re-establish key and latest cyber security fundamentals through out of the box critical thinking.

Stay up to date

Allow participants to get into the minds of the latest adversaries to better understand the latest attackers methods and techniques.

Collaborative knowledge

We have a wide range of knowledge through our extensive experience networking across government and industry sectors.


Kinetic Experience

Our games are more than just problems on screen. They are coupled with interactive Lego TM cities that show immediate impact and provide a captivating setting.


Games can be configured as attack only, defend only, or attack versus defence.

Packaged Delivery

War games can be provided as a package where organisations can run their own games as often as they would like.

Moderated Delivery

Alternatively, the war games can be moderated by TLR. We send someone onsite to fully deploy and run the games.

Real-World Conditioning

The games and challenges are based on real world attacks providing an experience beyond the classroom.

Periodic Updates

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