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Forward thinking cyber security to empower you and your organisation to do what you do best

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Who are TLR?

We are forward thinking cyber security. Forever embedded within us are the fundamentals of strategic planning…

Through our specialist knowledge and trusted partnerships, we help eliminate the stigma of fear that is normally associated around the topic of ‘security’. Helping you become more cyber resilient and future-proofing your business through technologically agile solutions.

Cyber security is nothing new. Many agencies and companies have entered the market, offering solutions that are driven by budgets rather than solving fundamental issues. Throughout our existence we believed that one size doesn’t always fit all. We design solutions that are tailored to the needs and problems of your business.

We have helped build a thriving culture of trust within the industry giving your security teams peace of mind to deal with any situation that may arise.

Our mission is simple.
We want to make you cyber resilient.

Empowering your teams to focus on what you do best. Secure in the knowledge that your business, team and network are being secured effectively.

Our founders

Bill Ratcliffe Team Photo

Bill Ratcliffe

Founder (The Genius)

Bill, our founder, was the heart and soul of TLR. Bill worked in the Australian Government, critical infrastructure, and the defence sector in both Australia and the entire Asia-Pacific market.

Through his work life, he helped many, made them better people whilst they didn’t realise that was happening. He was a mentor, supporter, wrangler and protector and most importantly one of nature's gentlemen.

Sadly Bill is no longer with us but his security knowledge and insights will forever be the driving force behind the entire team's mission in delivering stellar services to those that need it.

Dave Roberts Headshot

Dave Roberts

Managing Director, Founder, CTO (The Mad Scientist)

Dave carries 30 years of Cyber experience, across broader Government, Industry and Defence Sectors. Dave is the creator of the TLR-SOAR and Automated Threat Management Platforms and the co-founder TLR’s C.A.V.S automated vulnerability testing platform. Dave is the creator of the TLR Self-Healing Network and co-creator of the TLR Cavalry, our proprietary automated vulnerability scanner.

Whilst focused on deep technicals of everything relating to Cyber, from building systems to breaking them, Dave uses these skills to be translated (decrypted) and passed on to unsuspecting victims, oops, students through the various training programs Dave builds and delivers. Using knowledge and skills gained, he has a strong affinity for automation in the Cyber realm, he believes humans cannot and should not be replaced by automation, preferring to build automated systems that help the human operators fight the bad guys better. “Humans can’t work as fast as the RansomWare attacks can, so why try”

Daves’ background includes time served within Australian Defence Intelligence agencies, couldn’t stand the military uniform though, didn’t suit his eyes, so joined as a dirty civilian. The last 20+ years have been spent working within the private sector gathering various bits and pieces up along the way called knowledge and experience. Daves’ favourite saying these days is “All this has happened before, and all this will happen again…”

Our team

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Jarrah Gosbell


Jarrah is the product owner and architect of the TLR’s proprietary system, CAVS. Committed to making CAVS as robust as possible, he also gets his hands dirty and keeps his skills sharp as one of the pentesters on the TLR team.

Paul Buckley Headshot

Paul Buckley

Problems & Solutions Manager

Operating strategically, Paul assesses problems and rapidly devises dynamic solutions for customers that can be tailored or adjusted as the problem scope and definition becomes clearer.

Paul is currently using his skills to significantly enhance the Australia Defence Force's capability, where he is Chief Instructor Cyber Security within the Defence Security Operations Centre.

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Melanie Roberts

Business Services Manager

Melanie is the Business Services Manager for TLR and has supported TLR its inception in 2014. Melanie has diverse experience over an illustrious career. Most recently she worked with Fujitsu Australia in the Project Management office overseeing financial performance and governance of an annual budget of $60 Million. Melanie has also had her own Tax Agent Business and was a lecturer at the Canberra Institute of Technology.

Braedon Team Photo

Braedon Ratcliffe

Product Owner

Braedon is the product owner for the Cyber War Games and a Cyber Security Analyst for TLR. He is responsible for overseeing deployment of the games and supporting a variety of TLR clients in education, government, and defence.

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