Security bootcamp course helps your people gain a better understanding of security fundamentals.

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What is it?

What is it?

TLR offers a range of security courses to help people gain a better and more fundamental understanding of a wide range of cyber security issues.

Participants gain a deeper understanding of Cyber Security through our unique approach. We frame it not as a technical challenge but as an organisational issue. Giving participants a better understanding of why attacks happen and how they can be less of a target. Helping them reduce the likelihood of a cyber attack.
Our training program helps bridge the cyber security knowledge gap and instantly raises the effectiveness of any security team.

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How does it work?


Baseline course

Gain an understanding of the fundamentals of cyber security. Helping you better understand why attacks happen and how you can become more effective in preventing them.


Second level training

This is a much deeper technical approach for organisations who want to build an effective incident response team. Focusing heavily on practical exercises and drills.


Raise cyber awareness

Raise the security knowledge, skills and qualifications of your security teams. Reducing the likelihood of having to seek outside contractors.

The problem

Generally there is a shortage of qualified staff within the security industry, with many businesses and organisations having to hire outside contractors.

As a result of this lots of organisations hire ill-experienced or under qualified people to run or work within their security teams. Meaning when issues do occur, they have to seek outside contractual help.

With lack of experience comes the risk of security breaches and issues through improperly managed security systems or infrastructure.

The solution

We have designed a security baseline bootcamp to help train and bridge the knowledge gaps of cyber security teams.

We help people understand the fundamentals of cyber security issues, giving them a better idea of how and why attacks happen, therefore reducing the likelihood of an attack.

As well as helping prevent attacks, we also look at more in-depth incident response training. This gives people the knowledge and tools to effectively find and contain security breaches and threats. Giving you confidence in your teams.


Masterful trainers

Highly skilled and experienced practitioners reference the latest events in cyber security and integrate this information with their class.

Range of subjects

We offer training for introductory boot camps and advanced skills.

Hands on experience

Every instructor is equipped with a lab that has exercises based on real-world attacks and scenarios.

Direct engagement

We keep our class sizes small to ensure every participant is getting the engagement and attention needed to have a valuable experience.

Meet compliance needs

Annual security training is required for a number of compliance standards and our courses help satisfy that requirement.


Cyber Unmasked (Security Bootcamp) Course

Designed to cater for all skill levels, this course is intended to provide a baseline of skills for any staff working in the Cyber Security or IT branch.

The course will also provide awareness to all staff around “Cyber” issues. It is a predominately practical course with theory included. Students will have significant time with hands on keyboards.

This course has been written to provide all necessary material so that non-technical staff can complete the course and pass the final exam without duress.

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Network Security & Incident Response Course

The Network Security, Incident Response Course is aimed at current Security Operations Staff, or students who wish to enter a career in this specialised path.

The course is designed to create a walking, talking troubleshooting and diagnosis practitioner of Network Security and Incident Response. We reinforce the basics while taking students deeper into Computer and Networking systems, equipping them with a tool-agnostic skillset.

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Threat & Counter Threat Intelligence Course

In the last few years, Threat Intelligence has become very popular, however, it remains quite loosely defined. This course defines the terms, outlines the benefits and disadvantages of each, and provides a framework for practical application.

We also equip participants with methods for consuming intelligence, managing bias, and ultimately delivering on their research.

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Introduction to Penetration Testing Course

This course is aimed at those Security Practitioners who wish to pursue a career in Offensive Security Testing, Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing.

The course has prerequisites for students having basic knowledge of Operating Systems, Networking Programming Languages. Students that have gone through previous courses, Cyber Bootcamp, Network Security and Incident Response will be able to understand this course, however if students do not have any experience in writing code in Python, PowerShell or other similar scripting languages, this course will be difficult to complete successfully.

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Wireless Technologies and the Internet of Things Course

As the name hints, this course covers an introduction to all things wireless, from short range personal equipment through to long range communications, focusing on the security issues related to these various technologies.

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Custom Cyber Security Courses

We have a wealth of knowledge that isn’t covered in this list. We can deliver on any number of additional topics, please let us know if you don’t see something you need.

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Table Top Exercises (TTX)

Live-fire TTX, this is not just a simple pen and paper drill. TLR TTX includes dynamic experiences where the actions of participants affect how the exercise will play out.

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Senior Executive Workshop

This course provides a strategic briefing on a range of subjects and can be catered to specific topics. Taking relevant excerpts from our other courses and condensing this into a half-day session to meet the scheduling pressures of executives. We provide insights and details for executives to develop an understanding of these concepts that is appropriate for their position in an organisation.

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Phishing Awareness Workshop

Attacks via email continue to be some of the most prolific and damaging to organisations. Despite the layers of security applied to email, many malicious messages still make it to end users. This is now extending to text messages and even voice calls. Our course equips participants with the knowledge needed to spot these messages and mitigate them quickly.

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Cyber Security Awareness Workshop (Mandatory Annual Training)

Most organisations have a manual compliance requirement to conduct annual Cyber Security Training. We provide this workshop as an informative session to educate your team on common and newly discovered attack methods.

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